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Possible Teenage Runaway From Texas--Circa 1980
Posted by: JaneDoe ()
Date: January 06, 2016 02:23PM

Does anyone recognize this girl? []
Her name might be Cathy, Katy, Kathy or Cathleen. She was 14 years old in 1980 and might have been a runaway from Corpus Cristi TX.

The circumstances of the girl in the photo are very similar to the narrative associated with "Walker County Jane Doe", a teenaged girl who was found murdered on Halloween night in 1980, near Huntsville Texas. She has remained unidentified for 35 years.

**Aditional Details:**
The photo was sent in by a brother and sister who befriended the girl over the course of a few days while staying in the same motel. They remember that the photo had to have been sometime in 1980 after April. At first the brother thought the motel was in Richmond, Texas. But on further thought, they said it might have been in Beeville. They found on Google Maps a motel on 3764 N Saint Marys Street in Beeville (now called the Esquire Inn) that they believe to be the same motel. She remembers that the motel was owned by a Korean family.

The girl was staying with a couple who may have been in their mid 30s. She told the brother and sister that she was a runaway, and that she was from Corpus Christi. The sister recommended we share the original photo, that shows both the sister and the unknown girl, just in case someone remember the two of them together. Picture here: []

The girl also mentioned to the brother that she was heading to visit an inmate at the Sugarland Prison, although the sister couldn't confirm this. It should also be noted that 'Walker County Jane Doe' was seen the day of her murder asking for directions to the Ellis Prison Unit in Hunstville TX.

If you have any information about the girl in the photo, please private message the FB page 'Who Was Walker County Jane Doe?' []

or email me at -

Thank you.

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